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Need Motivation? Try These 5 Personal Finance Podcasts for Women

Tired of listening to the same old music during your commute or watching reruns of the same shows on Netflix? Try mixing up your routine by listening to a podcast. Podcasts can be a great way to learn on the go — you can multitask by listening to one while doing laundry, cleaning your house or driving your kids to their playdates. And don’t think of todays podcasts as boring lectures on tape. These best personal finance podcasts are fun, fresh and perfect for any woman trying to get a handle on her finances. 

Think of podcasts as a free way to make the world’s leading experts your personal mentors. Here are the best podcasts for women who want to learn how to get more from their money.

1. Glamour tackles money shame

We know first hand that it’s hard for women to talk openly about their finances, many are silenced by strong feelings of money shame. In this 16-episode podcast, Glamour editor-in-chief, Samantha Barry, tackles taboo money topics. Want to know about investing? Done. Repaying your debt? She’s got you. How much to tip? Yes, she even goes there. 

Barry goes deep into talking about how much women actually earn and spend. If you value transparency and want to get to a better place yourself when it comes to money, this podcast is a great place to start.   

2. HerMoney speaks about money in terms we understand

The podcast HerMoney is lead by Jean Chatzky, financial editor of NBC’s “Today” show and the best selling author of 11 books. She was inspired to launch a podcast after realizing that a lot of personal finance writing was laden with jargon targeted specifically to men. Her podcast aims to empower women by speaking about money using words that actually relate to women or examples that have meaning for women.

3. Martinis and Your Money

Is there anything that doesn’t go down easier with a nice martini? Maybe, but one things for sure — talking about money is definitely more palatable with the podcast Martinis and Your Money. New episodes air every Friday morning, brought to you by Shannon McLay, who launched the personal finance company The Financial Gym. 

What will you learn about from the podcast? She focuses a lot on how to get financially healthy. While the episodes focus on American banking products, the strategies are transferable cross-border. 

4. Mo’Money

While it’s great to listen to U.S. based podcasts for general financial advice, sometimes you just need specifically Canadian tips to understand how to navigate all of your options for getting out of debt in Edmonton or throughout Canada. For that, we suggest Jessica Moorehouse’s Mo’Money. It has 10 seasons and counting and covers topics like finding financial relief in Canada, managing money in uncertain times and how to feel good about money. She regularly has women, and people of colour, as guests on her show. If you’re trying to get out of the poverty cycle, her podcast has some excellent education.

5.  Young Money

While this podcast by Tracey Bissett is specifically targeted to millennials and entrepreneurs, we feel there are enough general topics that anyone can get into it. Bonus, if you have children who are mature enough to start managing their own money this could be a good podcast to recommend. We really like this episode about how to deal with overwhelming debt levels. One of the key takeaways is that you are not alone — which is a concept we fully support through our Sisterhoods. Her goal throughout the podcast is to teach people how to become millionaires. Maybe that feels like a goal that is really far away from where you are now, but, trust us, by starting with the small building blocks that she teaches we think you’ll soon find that you can do more with your personal finances than you ever dreamed possible. We’re not saying you’ll definitely become a millionaire, but, on the other hand, sky’s the limit. 

Become your own teacher

Even though you might feel like you have a lot to learn when it comes to personal finance, the great thing is that you definitely can learn it! You don’t need to go to school or have fancy letters behind your name to become an expert in personal finances. By starting with the basic building blocks you can start building a foundation of knowledge that enables you to one day become an expert in matters of personal finance. This is knowledge you can then pass on to those important to you in your life — children, grandchildren, or others near to you who are struggling in this area. 

Whether you’re a podcast person or enjoy reading about personal finance, experiment with whatever learning mode works best for you and embrace this new part of your financial journey. 

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