Sharing personal and financial challenges with others is what the Lady Loan sisterhood is all about.

It’s not a new concept: when women need to share their burdens, they often turn to other significant women in their lives such as their mom, sister, or besties. Every woman has an inner circle or at least another female sounding board.

It works like this.

When you agree to a Lady Loan you agree to be part of an informal group of 8-12 clients who will stay connected and supportive of each other via learning and communication tools provided by Lady Loans and your peer groups leader whose job it is to keep the group connected by way of newsletters, conference calls, social media apps, and even events or group meetings.

Lady Loans sisterhood is an open forum that aims to eliminate the shame and fear many woman experience discussing money issues.
The sisterhood peer groups support all women in the group. Support may be in the form of sharing ideas about handling finances or telling others about great bargains in the local marketplace, maybe peer to peer recommendations for child care or telling the group about community activities and services they would find helpful. On a more formal basis, Lady Loans provides a suite of educational tools and applications to help you budget, save, spend and borrow more wisely.

Lady Loans sisterhood is an open forum that aims to eliminate the shame and fear many woman experience discussing money issues.

When issues around money and personal finances are kept in the shadows they tend to fester. To break down those barriers we have adopted a theme of radical transparency. Most radical of all is that your monthly payment history will be shared with the other sisters in your group. We know that this will spark discussion and solutions amongst the participants. Many heads and hands are better than one. Becoming financial transparent is a condition for getting a Lady Loan.

The concept of Lady Loans goes back to old fashioned types of lending institutions known as Building Trusts or Credit Unions. These organizations provided savings and loans services in small communities, neighbourhoods and workplaces. Under those systems committees made up of the groups’ members were established to grant loans to other members. The committee members were often responsible for picking up the monthly payments.

The system worked well because the people making lending decisions usually had a personal connection with the applicant or a family member and they were able to make decisions based on a personal knowledge of the applicant. A loan or mortgage was not approved solely on their credit history it was also based on knowledge of the character and circumstances of the applicant. They were treated and respected as people not just as a credit score. 

Under these circumstances the people in charge of lending the money were from the same income level and social status of the people who were borrowing it. That meant they had a tendency to be compassionate and solution oriented if the borrower experienced a life issue that put them in arrears for payments. They would find a viable solution and face it and handle it together rather than resort to collections and repossessions as a first response. They put people over profits.

Lady Loans stands for something bigger than profits. We stand for a purpose

The Noble Purpose we exist to fulfill

Connect women to encourage, empower and enrich other women.

The Lady Loans Values that guide us everyday:

Compassion Matters

Be Vulnerable

Communicate with Passion

No Judgement

The Lady Loan Pledge - Our Promise To The Future

“I pledge to be a productive and active member of the Lady Loans sisterhood. I will accept help when offered, give help where needed, and fulfill my financial obligations. I will do whatever it takes to create a better life for myself and those I am responsible for. I am not alone.”

What other opportunity does Lady Loans offer?

We also offer opportunity for you to become a Leading Lady Peer group leader. We can provide the tools and training for you to develop a small income producing business that needs no investment or office space. 

A Leading Lady will be the one in charge of communication and activity within their sister group. Leads will receive 5% of the total interest paid on loans by sisters in their group. 

What does a leading lady do?

  • Distribute a weekly email that contains content around financial tips, community events, government program alerts, discount coupons, help requests, etc.
  • Be main source of contact for sisters in their group.
  • Ensure that the group Lady Loans respects and lives by our core values, our purpose and our pledge.
Interested in becoming a Leading Lady group leader? Click here to send a message.