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From a Princess to a Lady – The Lady Loans Story

“Once upon a time there was a Princess.”

That line could well be the opening line of a fairy tale with a happy ending. But former Pawn Princess turned Lady Loans Founder Diana Machado knows in real life when things get tough a Prince doesn’t always come to the rescue.

Diana Machado - founder of Lady Loans

“From my own upbringing and experience, I know life can be difficult and challenging. Just getting by is an emotional and economic struggle. You feel so alone, afraid and hopeless.”

A tumultuous home life forced Diana out on her own at a young age, unprepared for the real world and lacking self-confidence. But without knowing it Diana’s life changed forever when she became a clerk at Cash Canada Pawn.

The “Pawn Princess” allowed her to fulfill her pledge. Dressed in a gown and tiara the Pawn Princess delivered goodies to needy families to celebrate holidays or special occasions. She provided home necessities for customers starting out or those starting over.

“The pawn business taught me to be empathetic and compassionate. I felt a strong connection with women who struggled keeping a home and family intact while suffering stress over paying rent and feeding the kids. They are the most disadvantaged of the disadvantaged. I saw too many situations that made my heart ache. I wanted to help. Those ladies were my sisters’ so I pledged to myself that I would stand for them. That’s when I become a Princess and began my mission of making the world a better place one good deed at a time.”

Over nearly a decade she surprised and delighted hundreds of families. Best of all were the deep heartfelt emotional connections and the resulting feelings of joy she experienced by giving without the expectation of return.

She loved being the Pawn Princess but after a couple of years her drive to help women stand up for other women still nagged away so in June 2019 after 18 years with the company, she left Cash Canada to strike out on her own once again.

“The experience was amazing. It felt great to give back and see expressions of gratitude and happiness.”

Reflecting on her personal experience she realized that in times of trouble her main support and solace came from other significant women in her life. Her mom, sisters and besties were the ladies she called on. They were there when she needed them and indispensable to her survival. She observed the same sisterhood reality in the lives of many of her friends and customers.

The sisterhoods rely on an informal circle of support where women feel free to share their fears with peers and talk about anything and everything affecting their lives. Well almost everything. It seems money and finances are topics women don’t like to discuss with their inner circle. As a result, the truth about personal finances and debt hides in the dark unseen and without resolution.

Diana thought “if I could bring sisterhoods together with tools and guidelines for them to share their tribulations over money openly and honestly, the group would ultimately use their collective intelligence to teach and encourage one another to achieve a better financial life.

A Lady Loan is a loan unlike any other. It is more than just a financial transaction. Lady Loan clients become part of a community of sisters pledged to a purpose and ready for change.

A Lady Loan includes powerful benefits. For example, if you haven’t filed your income taxes, Lady Loans will prepare and file them for you at no charge because an updated tax return is the gateway to inclusion in the financial world.  With taxes filed you can then start to capture refunds and benefits you may be entitled to. Unexpected emergencies can be devastating and the last thing anyone plans for is a funeral. As part of our pledge to make a difference, Lady Loans will help pay for the funereal of an immediate family member. Maybe you need to earn more money to achieve a suitable living wage, not just a getting by wage.

 Lady Loans gives you a chance to earn more by sharing their income with the ladies in the sisterhood. Plus, we provide a suite of financial tools and resources to help you succeed.

Being vulnerable, transparent, and genuine gives power to the Lady Loans sisterhood. There is no hiding from reality. It’s scary, but it’s also where the power to climb the ladder and build for the future comes from. Sister groups will consist of 10-12 participants. Each sister’s payment success and struggle will visible to others in their group. Sometimes a sister will have advice to share and other days that sister will need and get advice from others. Transparency grants everyone an opportunity to give and receive support and real-world money advice from others.