Loans up to $7,500

Ladies First and Ladies Only.

Loans up to $7,500

Are you ready to commit to a better life?

Lady Loans understands the daily struggles of women without access to credit. We stand up for moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, and grannies in need of a fresh financial start.

A Lady Loan could be the solution for many women who need a financial helping hand up and a guiding hand to help her stay there. The hand up is a Lady Loan. Even ladies with no credit or bruised credit could qualify for a loan of up to $7,500 with payment terms up to 5 years.

Our focus is on creating an economic safe space where women can learn and practice skills and disciplines to create a better life. Here they will find emotional understanding and peer based support form a sisterhood with a common goals.

How can I get a Lady Loan?

1. Submit our on-line form and answer a few simple questions and request a Lady Loan consultation.

2. We give you a call to gather more details and arrange a meeting. Please have your banking information available for the call.

3. One of our Ladies will arrange a home visit to talk about your loan and the Lady Loan purpose, values and vision.

4. If all is good you sign the lady loan pledge and the loan is approved usually within one day.


There's more to a Lady Loan than just a loan.
A Lady Loan comes with an entire sisterhood of support and valuable benefits.

Are your personal income taxes filed up to date? If not, Lady Loans will complete and file your income tax at no cost to you. The benefit is available on a first loan only.

If faced with the death of an immediate family member during the term of the loan Lady Loans will contribute up to $2,000 in funeral costs.

We encourage sister members to introduce others to Lady Loans. If the introduction results in a loan that is kept current, you will receive 20% of the interest paid on their loans up to a maximum of 6 introductions.

24/7 access to Market Care Canada via app for personal, emotional and crisis support.

Support from Lady Loans sisterhood plus tools and programs to improve financial knowledge and skills.

Loans up to $7,500

Lady Loans requires a commitment that may not work for everyone but it may be perfect for you.

To find out ask yourself three questions. ​

Would taking a loan out now help me in the long term?

Am I ready to be part of something that can make my life better?

Can I commit to living these Lady Loans values every day?

Compassion Matters

Be Vulnerable

Communicate with Passion

No Judgement

If your answer is yes, yes, yes let’s talk more about how you can join the Lady Loans Sisterhood.